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The optimal workout
for your travel!

You travel a lot by plane and train?
Then you should test this app once.

Over 90 Videos

There are over 90 different videos available for all body regions.

Available offline

Upload your videos to your device and do your training with or without an internet connection.

Own Workouts

Create your own workout according to your wishes, as you please.

Why Travelletics-App?

My Name is Schugufa Issar Amerchel (SIA) and I am a Personal- and Group-Fitnesstrainer.

Through my work with international clients, I have noticed that especially people who travel a lot, e.g. by plane have a certain lack of movement. That's why I've specialized in training exactly those areas in a very targeted way. This app helps you to stay fit through adequate body training and thus to prevent circulatory disorders and thrombosis.

More about SIA

Which advantages do you have?

  • Fun with flying
  • Prevention of thrombosis
  • Stabilization of the blood circulation
  • Promotion of mobility
  • Stress reduction
  • Strengthening of the musculature
  • For more relaxation, balance and activity

App Screenshots

Take a first look at the app.

Our prices

Download ready-made workouts or design your workouts to your own liking. Buy once, workout forever - no Abo!

Basic Traveller

  • 8 exercises
  • over 30 minutes total body workout


(included in the app price of 0,99 euros)

Short Fly Traveller

  • 14 exercises
  • over 1 hour total body workout

2,99 €

Long-Distance Traveller

  • 31 exercises
  • over 2 hours total body workout

8,99 €

Business Traveller

  • 23 exercises
  • over 1,5 hours total body workout

4,99 €


  • 14 Stretching exercises
  • over 1 hour total body stretching

2,49 €

All Premium Package

  • All exercises
  • Over 20% savings compared to single purchase

14,99 €

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Downlod the Travelletics App now

Just try it and enjoy the next flight.


The Travelletics App has also been mentioned several times in the press. Look for yourself.

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  • Where do we come from?
  • Who developed it?
    Schugufa Issar Amerchel (SIA)
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